18 March 2015

Flashback : Emotronic Diary | Dreamwave Music Producer and Composer | Jowie Schulner

Jowie Schulner - Emotronic Diary

The first artist album of Jowie Schulner named "Emotronic Diary" came out in 2013 on Boombar Music. Dreamwave / Synthwave.

In 2014 it was released as Cassette Tape by Werkstatt Recordings

With songs such as "Sorrow", "Two Hearts", "Bad Rain", "Emotions", "A New Day" and "Suspicious" it became a classic, an allround music album. 

"It is rare to find such emotional investment in a record and it is something the requires a great deal of understanding of one's self and how that can translate into a created representation. Like all true artists, Schulner does this with much skill and the constructions are a wonderful window into his muse." Rick Shithouse (Synthetix.FM)
"This album is one of the most well composed and emotive experiences ever released for Synthwave fans. The tracks are richly cinematic, passionate and even heartrending at times. Absolutely stunning work. GOLD RATING - 10/10" CARNOV

Since the release in 2013 it has been supported by many blogs, DJ's, radio stations and more. (Synthetix.FM (review), NewRetroWave (review), Boombar Music (review), Playmaker, Radio Pure Gently, Carnov (review), MakeYourOwnTaste (review), I Vacation In Your Hell (review), Patrick's Music Blog (review) etc)

Listen here to the full stream of "Emotronic Diary" - click here

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