23 March 2015

Top 8 Dreamwave Music | Dreamwave Music Producer and Composer | Jowie Schulner

Top 8 Dreamwave Music - Compiled by Jowie Schulner ( Dreamwave music genre )

Dreamwave, a sub-genre of the Synthwave music. While share the typical sounds of the 80s synthpop music, the difference between them is that synthwave is influenced by video game music and Italo Disco music, and Dreamwave uses outstanding atmopsheres that reminds the ethereal voices of the Dream Pop music, creating a feeling of euphoria but relaxing at the same time. (Last.FM)

Songs in this compilation includes Anoraak, Carpenter Brut, Electric Youth, Falco Benz, Flashworx, Jowie Schulner and Maethelvin.

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