23 November 2016

Top 3 Must Listen Synthwave Radio

Here a list of great Synthwave radio (shows/podcasts/channels) 

1. Synthetix Sundays

Synthetix Sundays


A radioshow owned by Marko Maric. It was originally called Synthwave Sunday at first before they partnered up with Synthetix. The radio show contains a section of promoting new music, quality time with Shithouse. interviews and many more.

2. Drive Radio 

Drive Radio

Drive Radio is an online live streaming radio station for all the best retrowave, synthwave, dreamwave and outrun out there. It also has its own charts.

3. Beyond Synth

Beyond Synth

Beyond Synth is a podcast hosted by Andy Last.
They play, as they say, electronic music, synthwave, retro 80s inspired, new-retro etc. And a section with interviews with the artists behind the music.

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